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We developed our passion for mobile invoicing and a method to streamline the entire process from our own tortuous experience dealing with invoicing, purchase orders, and tracking all the data that is needed simply to buy one thing.

We grew up in the computer age and found that even the most sophisticated systems lacked the ability to make the process user friendly. No one provided personalized and custom invoices that made the right impression on clients or suppliers. The process inevitably got bogged down somewhere.

We started our careers together working in our local machinery supply store when we were just kids. We did all of the heavy lifting and eventually were granted the responsibility of dealing with purchasing and invoices because we stayed with the company for several years.

What we saw was a world of problems that needed to be addressed and corrected. We were working and attending college at the time so we did have the exposure to computer systems and apps that was necessary to make a great leap forward in dealing with invoicing, purchase orders, and tracking for monthly financial statements and taxes.

A part of our job was delivery of equipment. We rapidly saw that delivery was the time to present an invoice not weeks later. We listened to the salespeople that we worked with complain about not being able to access the invoicing system from where they were and when they needed it.

We developed a plan for a system that would manage all of the invoicing, purchase orders, and data storage for the process from anywhere. This thinking eliminated all of the complaints that salespeople, suppliers, customers, and managers had about the purchase order and invoice system.

Our first shot out of the box did not work perfectly but over time we developed a system that does the job better than anything we have seen. What we developed solves the problems of invoicing, data management, tax accrual, estimate submission, and purchase orders in one simple easy to use portable system.

We created Professional Invoicing in order to share the revolution in ease of use, cost savings, and time savings that we created for our former employer with every company that is still fighting the struggle that we once faced.

We added some features that make the document more professional looking and remind the supplier or clients about the company they are dealing with every time they see an invoice, purchase order, or estimate.

We added customer support that is efficient and intuitive to keep our client’s businesses running as financially productively as possible.

We honestly feel that our experience learning the hard way has enabled us to provide the most efficient and economical system that deals with invoices, proposals, quotes, taxes, and purchase orders in a timely and professional manner that no company can match.

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